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COHERENCE IN THE VOICE The same as coherence in body rhythms and synchronicity in brain hemispheres, the voice will show coherence when we are activating that natural healing system, it will show more coherence in its frequencies and maybe those frequencies are connected too to brain waves and the body's perfect rhythms.

Coherence in a voice is shown when we have an even distribution of all the notes or we have the same energy in almost all the frequencies. Generally we have highs and lows, more or excess of certain frequencies and notes will deplete other notes or frequencies, that are complementary to those. The same as with color, the complementary color completely erases the view of the other in the emission of its light, the excess of some frequencies will obliterate the resonance of its complementary frequency. In a Chromatic Tuner type voice analysis the average of the total of hits taken is almost the same for all 12 notes when coherence takes place, not being so evident the highs and lows, and all 12 notes are present and valued almost similarly. In an FFT voice analysis the print will be as a coherent smooth wave river with no sticking out lines above or below, showing eveness in the energy given to all 12 notes. This is almost never shown, or at least we have not been able to take such an analysis during that period where the healing system kicks in, an the voice shows coherence. Even though we can learn to see when more coherence is present, to be able to discern when a person is closer to coherence and the healing ability is reinforced.

To analyse the voice and understand how we become more coherent with a Chromatic Tuner type 12 musical note analysis we have 5 steps or definitions to watch for. Look at BRAIN DOMINANCE AND IRIS article.

1.- First  the Main Octave of the voice, was described by voice recgonition specialists since 1990, because they needed to distinguish the voice of females, child or males.  The voice of males was discovered to run from 50 to 200 hz. aprox. and those for children and females, from 150 to 300 hz aprox. many books talk of this well known subject, which we will call here the Main Octave from the voice, which shows the fundamental frequencies in the voice, distinguishing  the vocal chords from its harmonics as it rises up octaves. (Look at FFTvowels).  Robert Lloy of the Sound Energy voice analysis Amiga equipment followed that principle to decipher the prime octave of the voice in the early 90s for voice analysis, and then Kathy Thompson later used it also in voice analysis too, calling it the Body line or what we call here the Main Octave; where most of the hits in the voice are shown.  The Main Octave portrays the physical energy of the person  it could be in two octaves, but seen in the spiral of octaves it always is one complete octave or spiral. It is very important to individualize the Main Octave for each person, and also it could change slightly if they are sick or happy. Generally for women the normal octave of their voice is 0 octave or mid C, and minus 1 octave, for men their voice will be at minus 1 and minus 2 octave. Children have most of the voice in the Mid C or 0 octave and in the C+1 or plus 1 octave, babies seem to have a lower octave in minus 1 or minus 2. The voice should be all in one octave, or it starts in one octave and goes to a lower octave in the higher notes. Looking at this for more coherence, the voice usually gets clearer and that means more notes come up to a higher octave, as if we get younger. It is known that women with menopause there voice drops a few notes to a lower octave. If we cannot recognise the Main Octave or if it is broken at some point it shows more disharmony or incoherence. See the meaning of the octaves. and other information about the MAIN OCTAVE.
This work is a continuation of the vibrational research of light with the metaphysical undertanding of the universe done by Marysol Gonzalez Sterling


When we see it as frequencies it is almost as it was a straight flow across or a river in a flat land for more coherence, when in an FFT graphic of the voice the river drops down at the higher notes is the same as when it comes down to a lower octave in the Korg type 12 notes analysis. If we could see this in three dimension we would see a spiral where the voice is gaining momentum and coherence. If the Main Octave is not definable we have more disharmony or incoherence. We can also take into account that a spiral is what connects slow-long waves to fast-short waves, and we have two types of motion, one centripetal anticlockwise that is moving in, concentrating its energy, gaining momentum and speed, and the other spiral is centrifugal clockwise that is loosing momentum and slowing down, as it is opening up and dispersing its energy. The clockwise centripetal spiral is definitely Yin, and the anticlockwise centrifugal spiralis Yang. See the web page on FFT coherence.

There are several types of interruptions into a coherent formation:

2.- Second, the voice can be shown in several octaves at a given note, called Multiple Octave note. Everything that is above the Main Octave shows emotional stress which is temporary and can change rather rapidly, except if there are consistent notes that are next to each other, that always shows hits in the octave above the Main Octave, this is usually called a wrap. Whatever is under the body line is physical exhaustion or lack of energy to eliminate the toxicity, because of the depletion of energy, mostly when it is shown in several notes next to one another. When the amount of hits in the octave below the Main Octave is large enough to be considered and close in number in comparison to the number of hits in the Main Octave, physical deterioration and exhaustion of energy in a cellular level is evident in that area or related organ to that note. When the multiple octave forms a wall and is next to a very weak or missing note, it blocks the energy to overcome that barrier and it is important to pay attention to what it might mean, or how we could break up that wall. These become skips, slides or overflows in the formation of the perfect coherent spiral.
In the Biosonic Program we will take into account a higher number than 50% of the Main Octave or body line in the Cellular Octave below or Emotinal Octave above, and if it is in a note in excess it will show cellular toxicity, meanwhile if it is in a weak note it will show cellular deterioration. In the step that makes the Main Octave come down the hits seem to accumulate so we only take into account when we have more than 70% of the Main Octave above or below. Consistent Multiple Octaves above the main octave will show that the organ related to that note has an imbalance due to emotional issues.

3.- Third, everything in the universe is divided into wave and particle, light and darkness, Yin and Yang, so the 12 musical notes can be divided into 6 Yang, less or missing notes, and 6 Yin, more or excess notes and continue looking at the next pages on the I-Ching. The Yin spiral opens up and generally gives more abundance as a feminine principle of the right brain, and the Yang spiral closes and taken into scarcity as a masculine principle of the left brain. Seeing the notes and area of the chart where we have the six more notes and the other part where the six less notes fall, we can relate it to the 4 psychological types. There are 4 definitions or psychological types in every kind of description of human possibilities, as well as the iris, the astrological elements, modes or stations, the voice there are 4 too, one that has more energy on the first notes from C to F, starts things with much energy and has less impulse to finish them, it is more an action person. Another that has more of the end notes from F# to B, takes time to start things and gets entangled in finishing them and is more a mental type. Another more in the central notes from D# to G# aprox., gets deeply involved in what he is doing, maybe starts a lot of things and does not have time to finish them, has more or an emotional obsessive quality. The fourth at the beginning and the end, from A to D, generally lets things go and does not get involved in what he is doing for better or for worse, its a flowing nature that if there is no more practical issues might not finish things, or it is someone that things happen without much effort. (Look at these definitions, Biosonic) The coherence in the transition between the 6 more and the 6 less is important for the formation of the spiral, if the numbers do not go evenly up or do nor go evenly down, the spiral is more incoherent and has more interruptions. The KORG analysis is done with the BATS computer system.

4.- Fourth, there could be a completely missing note or really an uneven distribution, much lower number than the notes next to that specific note. And in the other Yin side a note in more excess, with many more hits than the notes next to that specific note. This will be very important to take into account when it happens at the octave of the Main Octave, but sometimes this happens in the multiple octave note. Valuing these holes or expansions in a specific area of the spiral, will tell us where the major interruption occurs towards becoming coherent, and it could be the cause for incoherence. The missing note was first observed by Sharry Edwards from SOUND HEALTH ALTERNATIVES.

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