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From the window option of Colorgram Presentation we can activate the left button of frequencies (circled in blue) and look at the graph of freqencies. By moving the cursor of the mouse over the window we can click in any desired frequency and the value will enter the buttons above. The 3 buttons are the first for the fundamental frequency of the voice belonging to the vocal chords. The second or middle button for that frequency in the -4 octave, Beta range, and the third more to the right button the same frequency in it inverse, (circled in yellow). By clicking these button that frequency will enter into the Nutritional Sounds DataBase (NSBA), if this option is active, if the BioAudio option is active that frequency will enter the module for generating tones.

Nutritional Sounds DataBase  
“The Science of Molecular Energy”
Carl A. Parker:   Sound Energy Specialist

Instructions to the NS DATABASE,  how to use it.


 Nutritional Sounds DataBase - the nutritional reference source with frequency associations.

The DataBase is a masterpiece in nutritional cross-references:  35,000+ informational notes, at the touch of a button.  A special search button which allows you to find all associations to specific items (those not already cross-referenced for you).  This program is excellent with or without the frequency associations.  It is a program which should be in every home, school, office and library.  Doctors and practitioners of every field will find extremely useful information in this program.  It is a collection of information over a twenty-year period (from hundreds of books, seminars, tapes, magazines, etc.etc.) put together to allow the instant access to special information - without trying to remember which book or tape contained that information.

@ The DataBase is first a nutritional reference source and second a voice energy association tool.
@It will help people to understand how the nutritional data system works with the Biosonic program as well as any other system that needs a nutritional reference program, with or without frequency associations.
@It will help those using voice energy readings to understand what they are seeing in the frequency display.
@ Working with clients requires instant access to information and the DataBase gives them that information and the sources from which it came.
@ This reference source includes foods and drinks which associate to nutrients.  It has information on what synergistic nutrients, protomorphogens, and other naturally required phyto-chemicals involved in the body's daily function.  The program is continuously updated - information added to, changed, and/or removed as research comes available.

The Nutritional Sounds DataBase is more than just the individual nutrients, it contains an enormous amount of information on Chinese meridians, foods, health drinks, pH balance (acid-alkaline), and all their associations to disease.  It has information on teeth and their association to glands and meridians.  The information is massive and easy to use.

Converting Substance to Frequency:  Mass-to-Frequency (CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics  - "Energy Conversion Factors."

@ This allows the association between the Nutritional Sounds DataBase and Biosonic Voice Analysis program.
@These two programs create the best possible voice analysis program available for sound researchers.  Plus the ability to work with the creators, who are also practitioners and understand what makes these programs user friendly and effective.

Frequencies for:  Muscles, organs, nutrients, elements, heavy metals, poisons, household dangers, drugs, chemicals, etc. etc.

@ How do you use this type of information?
@ Where does this information from come?
@Does it work?
@ Can anyone use this research?
@ Are results repeatable?

Voice energy work is research in action, it is not a cure for dis-ease.  It works sometimes, and other times it does not.  We have a long way to go, working together to find the answers to why things work, what harmonics are involved with each other.  Nature is a perfect example of mathematical perfection, and scientist have used Nature's formulas to create our material world.

@ Nature's formulas create strength, beauty, and harmony.
@ We need to understand these formulas and how to apply them to our health.

The body is not a collection of individual parts (vitamins - minerals - nerves - etc.), but is a whole complex which contains these parts.  It takes all the parts, working together to create harmony.  An example of this would be the vitamin B complex.  A person can not just take one of the 'B' vitamins and expect to solve their problem.  They need to take the complete B complex with the specific 'B' vitamin, as this gives them the synergist to activate their chosen vitamin.

The frequency association used by Nutritional Sounds is not the same as used and taught by Sharry Edwards of "Sound Health" in Ohio.  She uses the conversion of atomic weight average to frequency.  Nutritional Sounds uses the scientific conversion of 'mass-to-frequency' as shown in the "CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics."  The two systems, 'molecular weight-as-frequency' and 'mass-to-frequency' appear to associate to each other as 3rd harmonic relationships.  This will be explained in the introductory class.

The Nutritional Sounds DataBase will sell for USD125.00 plus tax.

The program is included on the same CD as the Biosonic program.  It requires a
purchaser's I.D. to operate.  This allows those wishing to use only the Biosonic or only the Nutritional Sounds DataBase to do so.  If a person chooses to purchase both programs, the programs will interact, giving them a truly remarkable research tool -
second to none.

Training Classes:

Nutritional Sounds offers two and three day training courses on Vashon Island, Washington for those interested in learning to use the DataBase for personal and/or client analysis, with (or without) voice energy readings.

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See more about how nature progresses through the law of  HARMONIC'S

"The Periodic System of Chemical Elements - A History of the First
Hundred Years"  by J.W. van Spronsen, 1969

From: Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, Arkansas

Alfred Partheil (1861-1909), professor of pharmacy at Konigsberg,
studied the relationship between music and the periodic system.
From page 201, Section 6.26,  "The Periodic system and music":
"Partheil made a most remarkable and interesting discovery, i.e. that
of a connection between the harmonic relationships of the spectral
lines of the elements and the wave numbers of the tones of the musical
scale. If the spectra having something to do with the vibrations of the
elements were in proportion to the atomic weights, a connection between
the atomic weights of the elements and the vibration numbers of the
tones would be demonstrable."


To create it we just needed a Merx pharmaceutical index with the molecular weight of any medicine, mineral or compound in the market and then we have its frequency of sound.
The relationship of sound being taken from the molecular or atomic weight of every element , mineral or nutrient  is used from the beginning by everyone in the Sound therapy community, it is attributed to Alfred Partheil (1861-1909), professor of pharmacy at Konigsberg, and to the book writen in 1969 by J.W. van Spronsen, which I include following this introduction.  Much discussion has ocurred these years because Sharry Edwards started using it and copyrighted it in relation to the voice analysis technique and no one else says that it cannot be copyrighted and say that it cannot be attributed to belong to her.  Then she created what was called the BMW Brain Wave Multiple which is reducing all sound to the last audible octave –4 between 16 to 30 hertz, belonging to the Beta brain waves.  The formula is a simple formula used by many persons to reduce any vibration to an audible vibration by just multiplying  by two to go up to an audible octave or divide the number by two to reach an audible or a lower octave.  We generally use the Beta Octave because it is a very low sound that should be heard with subwoofer speakers. It is like a hum or motor sound and you easily get used to hearing it and it is relaxing, meanwhile a sound in the Mid Octave or higher makes you very nervous and you cannot stand hearing it.
This formula is called in other terms an OCTAVE SHIFT and is of common use in physics and music. That way we can take the sound of the planets as Kepler did, just by taking the time they take to circle around the sun converting it into seconds and then reducing that through an octave shift to any desired audible octave. We can purchase a book called the COSMIC OCTAVE from Hans Cousto, that will tell you how Kepler deciphered which is the sound of the planets of the solar system. In this case, with this introduction I do not pretend to take sides but just to preset the facts of where it comes from, and what is my opinion about it.

The idea that sound is related to weight and size it is a known factor and in a metaphysical terms gravity and attraction depends on mass and it is obvious that it is related to weight, so it is not strange that the molecular weight is related to sound. I would like to compare this with the Faunhoffer lines that appear with a spectroscope in the spectral rainbow taken from any incandescent object. This is the way that astrophysics can tell what a planet or a star is composed of, by seeing these black lines in the spectral of light that is radiated from that celestial body.  This is also done to decide the mineral deficiency or toxicity in  hair analysis.  So soon we will look into this relationship and compare it to the one we now have with the molecular weight.

The relationship we have seems to work and most of the times we can say if a person has too much or a frequency belonging to a toxin, then he is susceptible to be intoxicated by that toxin. What persons have done is give the person the inverse frequency or give them a specific formula to detoxify and it has phenomenal results.  It is important to know that when a person has too much of a specific frequency that belongs to a toxic it does not mean he is intoxicated by that, but he or she is vulnerable to be intoxicated by this if it is in their environment. Also, when we give a frequency of any nutrient we are not giving them that nutrient we are helping the person to assimilate it from the food or from any supplement they might take. Or helps them to absorb and make it more potent, if it is something they really need. That means that if you give the person the frequency of cyanide and that person does not have it in the body it will not harm them. Meanwhile it will harm another person that has had it latent in his organism because a long time ago he or she was exposed to it.  It also, is called to be used by the organism when you give that frequency via speakers, or headphones.  Finally, when the person is able to develop that frequency in their voices the brain will recognize all the elements that are related to that frequency.

When we have all the notes in our voice then we will be assimilating all that is beneficial to us that is of any frequency.  When we are weak on a specific note then all the nutrients that are in that frequency range are poorly assimilated and might create deficiencies and inbalance.

This is what we have as the beginning on the research of relating atomic or molecular weight to sound.

This is from the book:
"The Periodic System of Chemical Elements - A History of the First
Hundred Years"
by J.W. van Spronsen, 1969

From: Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, Arkansas
Alfred Partheil (1861-1909), professor of pharmacy at Konigsberg,
studied the relationship between music and the periodic system.

From page 201, Section 6.26, "The Periodic system and music":
"Partheil made a most remarkable and interesting discovery, i.e. that
of a connection between the harmonic relationships of the spectral
lines of the elements and the wave numbers of the tones of the musical
scale. If the spectra having something to do with the vibrations of the
elements were in proportion to the atomic weights, a connection between
the atomic weights of the elements and the vibration numbers of the
tones would be demonstrable."

Following is Fig. 104 on page 203, except for the last column which I
added for comparison to Oneness. It is interesting that some of the
notes match and some do not. It may have to do with the fact that they
were not using the present standard of A=440, C 2 = 16.5. The terms
"wave numbers" and "vibration number" are probably related to the
energy states of the electrons, but I haven't checked it out yet.

 Element Atomic Atomic  Pitch
Weight Weight*16

Li 7.03 112.48 # A -1 112.5 A

B 11 176 # F 0 177.7 F

C 12.0 192 G 0 192 F#

O 16.0 256 C 1 256 C

Na 23.05 368.8 b G 1 368.64 F#

S 32.06 512.96 C 2 512 C

Ca 40.1 641.6 E 2 640 E

V 51.2 819.2 b A 2 819.2 G#

As 75 1200 # D 3 1200 D

Br 79.96 1279.36 E 3 1280 E

Sb 120.2 1923.2 B 3 1920 B

Hg 200.0 3200 # G 4 3200 G

From page 203:
"The atomic weights of the first and the last elements, hydrogen and
uranium respectively, when multiplied by 16

1.008 * 16 = 16.128

238.5 * 16 = 3816

are indeed almost equal to the vibration numbers of the sub-contra C =
16 and the B 4 = 3840, respectively. These numbers apply to pure
tuning. In this the B is the harmonic 15th. The divergence of the
vibration numbers from the atomic weights multiplied by 16 are less
than the differences between them and the corresponding vibration
numbers in the equal temperament. In the twelve-tone system (A=440,
C2=16.5) the vibration number of C2 = 16.165 and of B4 = 3906.168."


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DNA 'listening'
Barbara Lee
DNA 'listening' began in
1988 by Dr. Deamer, Professor of Biology at U.C. Santa Cruz. He published two tapes, DNA Suite and DNA Music, based on examples of "mapping" tones with four DNA bases (adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine) to derive music. As a composer Susan Alexjander became intrigued by his work and proposed they try to measure the actual molecular vibrations of the DNA bases.

By utilizing an infrared spectrophotometer (to measure which wavelengths of infrared light each base absorbs) they identified a unique array of approximately fifteen wavelengths per base. Each base has a slightly different atomic structure causing it to vibrate in a unique fashion which effects the way it absorbs infrared light. Once the absorbencies are measured, plotted on a graph, and read as numbers they represent a very fast and very high wave-length "scale" on the light spectrum. The relation of these numbers to each other is their ratio and the ratios are what is translated into the sonic spectrum.

How does a light vibration become sound? By adhering to the Law of the Octave. Any variations of sound (or light) can be doubled or halved, and the same pitch (light frequency) will result. The only thing that will change is the octave of the sound. In this way, the rapid vibrations of DNA can be halved (about 35 iterations)



Was created by me with the note relationship and the frequency and another information was added: the number of electrons that exist in each atomic orbit, for example in element Silicon the first orbit has two electrons and the second orbit has 4 electrons.  From this information we receive an interesting rhythm as electrons are added to more complex atomic structure.

Then inspired in Walter Russel a physicists that help discover Uranium, he became too metaphysical in his later years and was forgotten by the public, I created this spiral progression of the atomic elements with the progression and rhythm of the number of electrons for each orbit.  It might be very useful in the future, to be able to create a rhythm in the way we want to deliver the frequency sound to the person.  I present it here, even though it needs more study, If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.


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