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The I-Ching the Taoist Book of changes, represents a wisdom valuable to all wholistic systems, because not only it is the oldest writen book of humanity, but its binary language relates to the binary progression of the DNA, by the union of matter and light, dark and light, an atom of sugar and an atom of phosphorus. Relating this language to our understanding of sound and vibration will bring much enlightment to this new and fascinating research.

The union of two opposing forces gives rise to 4 possibilities of duplets or pairs, the same as the 4 pairs of the basic molecules that compose and multiply to create the DNA, adding one more permutation we arrive to the trigrams and after that to the hexagrams of the I-Ching, which relate also to the 64 codons of the double helix of life. This system can succesfully be related to the main octaves that we should first analyze in the voice print.
In the Trigram the middle or center line is the one that connects heaven and earth, the body with the feelings, and it is what we are aware of, our body , our sensations our conciouss knowledge of who we are, what we can become.

This is were most of the voice is, as a  vowel sound maintained, that is why the Korg type analysis would only give us those frequencies and in the BioSonic program it is eassily recognized as the main octave of the voice, where each note gave the largest numbers of hits. If we look at all the notes in their octaves it is always a continues spiral and the main octave, eventhough it is in two octaves it forms a continues octave seen as a spiral, eventhough some notes are in one of the octaves we define in the scale and others fall in another octave below it. If we see this in a spiral circle as it really is in the progressive octaves, one connecting with the next, we can clearly see that B from the -1 octave continues to C in the Mid C , or 0 Octave, and the B in the Mid C or 0 Octave continues on C of +1 octave. We can clearly illustrate this in the next graphic. Most Chromatic Tuners do not pick up the spoken voice, only when it is sang and a note or frequency that is maintained for a while, at the beginning the voice analysis technology  have chosen the Korg because it is the fastes Chromatic Tuner to pick most of the spoken voice, but what it really picks up is everytime we hold as a frequency for a certain time as if we hum it, then the lead lights and the information is taken into the computer. Now with a Korg type Chromatic tuner by computer the BioSonic program we will not loose any of these fundamental frequencies steming from the vocal chords of the spoken voice. That is why our voice takes on the tonality of that main octave, meanwhile we have so many more frequencies of higher octaves that do not make our voice in that high pitch. Once we know which notes fall in a certain octave we have the octaves above and below.

The same as the 3 lines from a Trigram the 3 main octave is where most of the fundamental hits fall and it portrays where most of the physical energy steming from the vocal chords is going to, that is the reason why the main octave from the voice  is the same as the middle line of the trigram in the I-Ching and is what is made conciouss and what we are aware of in a psychological sense, it's the organs and  the muscles in a physical sense, that is the reason we call it the SKIN/BODY octave, and is in the orange color.  The octave below is the same as the bottom line of the trigram , it is what is hidden, unconciouss and it talks about the inside of the body, that is why we call it BLOOD/CELLULAR, in red. Meanwhile the octave above the main octave it is what we see, what we projects outside into the world and what we attract in our life, a reflection of our emotions, for this reason we call it AURA/EMOTIONAL LIGHT in yellow.  The color relationship also can a sense relating it to the vibrational manifestation from the trigram of the earth with those from the heaven, and the colors of Yin and Yang.

To study the basic voice print we would need to decide these 3 main octaves of the voice, which generally falls in the Mid C, -1 and -2 octaves for most persons, eventhough the amount of hits in a specific note and octave will tell us which notes are in one octave and which other notes are in another octave.  Having the majority of hits in the physical conciouss middle octave as a general norm for persons in an awake state, and physical reality.

As a synthesis of this type of analysis relating it to the three lines of the trigrams, the uncouncioss physical and cellular realm is represented in the line or octave below, the center or main octave the conciouss self and physical body, the above line or octave represents the outward projection and the emotional realm, what we see outside, or what we attract outside in to our life.

The computer program BIOSONIC will give us all the frequencies of the vocal chords and the three main octaves of the voice  and we can hear and see it in real time screen, to be able to see a similar analysis as the KORG but with all the frequencies that really exist in the voice as the FFT type of analysis, this shows us the modulation of the harmonics by the mouth and breathing which represent the emotions and mental expression. Meanwhile, the Chromatic Tuner will eassily show us and will help us to recognize eassily which is that main octave of the voice, and then recognize the other octaves above and below and then continue to analyze the next higher octaves and the descriptions of Coherence, mentioned in these web pages.

When we finally understand those three octaves we can move to six octaves, and understand the Cellular octave below as the body's regenaration process and genetic tendencies, we know that many frequencies in lower octaves portray an exhaustion and low energy levels, maybe the most hardest to change, and deeper illness, this refers to the octave below the conciouss physical realm. Then we can add three octaves above the emotional-astral realm for the mental and spiritual-karmic realms.We have seen before the octave just above the main octave as the emotional side that we see and project outside, or how we project it outside to be able to see it and become aware of our emotional life. Always raising the voice it is sign of emotional behaviour, so it is not strange that higher is more emotional. But it is harder for us to know how to interpret even higher octaves that seem to have so much information and so many frequencies. First of all, the higher the octave the more frequencies it can contain, because it has a wider range, but those frequencies we do not hold or hum, that is why they do not give the tonality to our voices. We have to do a proportional percentage to be able to see that the octaves between Mid C and -2 are the octaves where the tone of our voice is and forms the main Octave of the voice print. When we look and understand how we interprete the octaves above +1 we will be able to correlate it to the six lines of the hexagram and we will be able to use the whole information we now get in the voice print of the FFT plot. We need to understand how to use the 3 main octaves first and the problem is that with FFT programs is hard to see which is the main octave and then define correctly the octave frontiers for the higher octaves for each person, because a few notes can be in one octave and the rest in another, and we need the calibration for the persons birthday.

These are the colors used in the Chromatic presentation of the 3 Main Octaves of fundamental frequencies of the vocal chords, for the 3 Earth, Matter and Physical lower octaves and later on we will see it in the FFT presentation to reach the higher harmonics.


We will look up to +5 octave when we hava an FFT module to work with the BioSOnic program, one that will show all of these octaves through the harmonics of the Fundamental Frequencies of the 3 main octaves that we now have. I am researching the higher harmonics with programs of non processed FFT like the Spectra Pro, form  To understand this in a real voice FFT plot look at the page on HARMONICS,

The octave above the Main Octave belong to what we project outside ourselves and how we see ourselves reflected in others, it is clearly our emotional body, the emotional realm. The one above this one it portrays the fast movements and quantity of thoughts around ourselves, how we think of ourselves and others, our mental body in the aura, the mental realm. And above that one, one that encompasses even more frequencies, even more possibilities, because it encompasses more cultural ideas, the spiritual realm or auric body, it is maybe what we share with many persons culturally and spitually. That is why there are even more frequencies and if there aren't it could mean that we close ourselves and do not want to share or can't share at that moment the higher frequencies of life with other beings.

We will need to look at the main octave of the voice print first and then the one's below and the ones above will be defined. As you can see in the illustrations from the Korg type analysis the main octave is generally in one or inbetween two scale octaves and it forms a continuum when we draw it in a spiral, which protrays the reality of the octaves growing from one to the other.
I began this research with Lauren Gardfield, who already has much experience in interpreting the octaves above, and we will continue collaborating in understanding these octaves and how they influence the physical body.

When we cannot decide which is the main octave, the 6 more and the 6 less notes, or if this is broken the progression, there are all signs of a non coherent voice. By defining the 3 plus notes and the 3 minus notes we aim to decide where on the other side we should find frequencies to give to a person, because we learn how the voice will gain coherency. If we give frequencies of many different notes, the voice print will change in many different ways and our final goal as therapy is for the body to do the healing, and the healing will happen naturally by reaching coherency.

The colors of Darkness EARTH are cyan-blue-violet and the Light HEAVEN are yellow-orange-red, and the Law of polarities and reciprocity is clearly used when we use the colors of the 3 octaves in the voice as a Trigram and the 6 octaves of the Hexagram.  Because when we absorbe one color we reflect the complementary color, that is the reason the octaves in the BioSonic program portray the colors in a reflection color and the lower trigram of Earth or of the conciouss body  belonging to the Trigram of the Earth that is Yin is reflecting the colors of Heaven, red-orange-yellow, and the Trigram of the Heaven that is Yang is reflecting the colors of Earth, cyan-blue-violet.  The meaning of the octaves in the trigram and how it relates to the octaves of the voice is a continuation of the research done on the I-Ching and it is portrayed in the published book by Samuel Weiser, I-Ching and Transpersonal Psychology by the same author as the BioSonic program. page 153, as it is shown in this graphic from the book.

In the I-CHING AND TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY book the trigram of earth shows in the Human Reality that the middle line or octave is the Personal Knowledge, the Visible Body and the Traveller walking the path of undertanding oneself throught all that occurs in a physical reality.
The first line or the line bellow the central line is the Hidden Subconcious, the inner body the cellular blood reality that belongs to all the organic processes that occur in a deeper level, as well as all that is not available for our conciouss mind to recognize or be aware of, but that influence in a very deep level.  Meanwhile the outer or upper line is the Recognition Outside the Auric space the emotions we project outside that attracts the experiences we need with others to learn the impact we do in the outside reality. All the other Octaves of the voice are portrayed in the upper trigram and are related to the way we interact with our exterior reality, our emotions and thoughts been projected outside and being picked up by others creating our reality and experiences in the world. Having created this reality with much time, all has been imprinted there.

Red BLOOD/CELLULAR Octave belongs to the subconscious, that influences us and we are not aware, many frequencies or points here calls our attention, because much energy will be happening at a cellular level.

Orange Main BODY/SKIN Octave belongs to the organs and the whole structure of the body that we are more or less conscious. All the analysis is taken from this octave that has the majority of hits of  frequencies and is what has most energy.

Yellow EMOTIONAL LIGHT/AURA octave belongs to the energy projection toward the external world and it is responsible for what we attract in our experience of relationships.

To have frequencies or points in the octaves above the main one is interpreted as energy projections toward the outside responsible for our current reality, belonging to the vibrational expression of an organ or a cellular function of the 3 main octaves or something very deep inside the persons aura or karmic inherited realm.

Cyan ASTRAL/EMOCIONAL Octave how the emotional body interacts with the external reality influencing in the emotions when generating the color green.

Blue MENTAL/INTELECTUAL Octave how the mental body interacts with the external reality, influencing the ideas and thoughts

Violet ESPIRITUAL/KARMIC Octave how the spiritual body interacts with the external and karmic past reality, influencing in our reality now and what we attract in life that in turn influences genetically to the octave of the blood, when generating the color Magenta..
Look at the I-CHING COLORS page explanation.

YIN-YANG BIOSONIC OCTAVES IN A SPIRAL The real nature of the octaves are in a spiral, the same as low frequencies of sound connect with high frequencies of light in a spiral.

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