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1./ Everything in the universe and all biological living cells move and create  friction with its outside environment, so it can be measured by locating its frequency, or hertz, cycles per second in its repetitious movement.

2./ When a living organism or cell enters into a harmonic resonance with its environment it becomes coherent, a consecutive crescendo, ascending and descending in harmony or Bell Curve.  Moving and evolving with less friction or effort in its environment and developing its DNA replication without leaving any information out.

3./ Locating the frequency rate and Bell curve of any cell organism and its harmonic fractal growth,  means finding out the shape and form of its environment, with which this friction happens. Also finding out the harmonic distortion of the repetitious echo of the vibrating organism will tell us the unhealthy and inharmonious patterns to its full realization as a coherent and perfect resonant geometrical presence.

4./ Perfect fractality of the harmonics of a living cell, means being coherent  with its environment, by replicating the Phi numerical progression, the phenomena called phyllaxis in physics terms or Golden Mean in Sacred Geometry terms. It is also when all the elements in nature unite helping, coupling and embedding each other in a perfect resonant friction and growth. Finding the frequency range where a specific fractal harmonic or geometrical pattern is broken and delivering and filling out the frequencies that create that incoherence, will mean to help in reaching out to perfect resonance and maintenance of health. Or boosting the natural healing system of that individual organism.

5./ To find these patterns in the frequency range of the voice, we first locate it in the most common frequency range, or spiraled octave that the vocal chords energy vibrates in a range of 50 to 180 hertz in male voices and 100 to 300 hertz in female voices, according to voice recognition experts, called the main octave of the voice. From these fundamental frequencies all other progression of harmonic fractals occurs.  The Chromatic module locates the fundamental frequencies and the main octave of the voice and analyses the first Bell curve. Meanwhile the FFT system analysis will locate the subsequent harmonics and how emotional, mental and spiritual and other frictionís occur with the environment of the person, being all expressed in its most intimate and personal vibratory organ, the expression of the vocal chords in its voice.

6./ After locating the main spiraled octave in the Chromatic module it will find the harmonic coherence or distortion in its geometrical patterns in a FFT module, to be able to find the way towards harmony in the third Coherence module, and we will be able to create again a perfect balance of any individual person with its environment and a vibrationally  healthy organism.

7./ That the fast short wavelengths of light express and relate to the electromagnetic resonant field of the sky, meanwhile the slow long wavelengths of sound express and relate to the gravitational resonant field of earth. That is the metaphysical reason why all size and weight create attraction and repulsion forces of the universe, and the molecular or atomic weight relate to sound or vibrational rate. These two forces the electromagnetic sky and the gravitational earth join a spirallic torsion fields to create the third resonant field the biopsyquic, or consciousness living organism, that its mission is to unite and harmonize with both field to generate life and evolution.

8./ That a perfect balance in all the organic rhythms means coherence between all the cells and all their common environment,  boosting the natural healing system.  All vibration measured in the body will portray that harmony or coherence when they join in the same dance, or vibration, at different octaves.  By measuring the coherence between the heart, respiration, nervous system, brainwaves and cranio sacral pulse will help us relate it to the expression of vibration of the voice and recognize it flowing towards or away from coherence and harmony with its surrounding environment.  This means that coherence of any vibrating organism, in this case the vocal chords will portray the harmony and disposition to healing of a person.

Bell Curve

This is not an example of a real voice,, it  is showing the possibility of a Bell curve in the voice,  for real examples go to the
We see something similar too in a webpage on 
                                          the History of Astronomical Spectroscopy

                                              Astronomical spectroscopy played a
                                          crucial role in the elucidation of the physics of stellar
atmospheres. This section goes into a detailed historical review of various objects and elements discovered
spectroscopically in outer space, such as the supposedly 'new' elements  nebulium and coronium. Emphasis
is placed on comparing historical precedents with current debates concerning laser stars. It is concluded
that some astronomical puzzles take decades to solve after many false trails and bogus theories.
1802 - 1860 : Fraunhofer lines

Solar Spectra

Voices and the solar spectrum above are skewed and the total area to the right of the highest
point is greater than the total area to the left. From what I have seen, voice distributions tend to rise more
sharply and descend more gradually, as you describe, so they are NOT normal or bell shaped..  I emphasize
this because the bell curve has such
special meaning and mathematical properties and I think it is misleading to describe the voice as bell
shaped. "

It really looks more like a wave, with a large thrush, with more energy to rise up and a more relaxed  slope
going down, and this seems very logical to describe movement and energy.  There is a push tense energy, a
high and then a relaxation and letting go, the same as the Yang Yin pendulum coming up, reaching its
maximum point in its ascending with force and a smoother descent and acceptance while maintaining
momentum.  All notes have the same amount of hits or energy in this case, some have this by adding the
amount of hits for that note in two octaves.  This is called too an exponential growth, rising up faster
maintaining the energy  and falling down slower, definetly like a wave force, that is seen so much in nature.


THE FUNDAMENTAL FREQUENCY, is the first frequency that appears creating all the fractal harmonics and in the human voice is the frequency that comes out of the vocal chords, which we distinguish in the Chromatic analysis like the Biosonic program and the old Korg tunners. It is in the range of Mid octave and -1 in womenís voice and -1 and -2 octave in menís voice, the harmonics are changes by the resonant box of the mouth, teeth, tongue and gestures of the face, and the FFT shows these harmonics,
I believe that by recognizing the main octave of the voice of the person which are the fundamental frequencies with the Chromatic analysis and we take this information of the frequency range of the personalized fundamentals we can distinguish in the FFT the octaves above as the harmonics are created, and these can be distinguished and interpreted as  the different octaves of the emotional, mental and spiritual realms.
In a real time FFT program we can see the harmonic cascades that the vowel sounds create, these are done by the vibration of the vocal chords, the consonants are the silent sound, hissing sounds and are heard by the modulation of the mouth face, that produces all the harmonics that the FFT shows.

THE MAIN SPIRALED OCTAVE OF THE VOICE, is the range of frequency completing a full octave, the general tone that is heard in the pitch of a voice, in male voices from 50 to 160 hertz, and in female voices from 100 to 260 hertz, researched and used in voice recognition technology. In the Chromatic module it is where most hits fall for each of the 12 notes, filling out all the notes with more of less coherence or consecutive balanced progression between those notes, being some a rise and others a fall of the energy pattern it vibrates.  Look at the graphics of the octaves in the shape of a spiral, which is the natural patterns in which waves grow from sound to light, from slow to fast vibrations or oscillation.

  THE BELL CURVE is a physics term to explain the perfect or harmonically coherent pattern of any living organism in the universe, it is a rise and fall of an energy breathing, and it is related to a pull of the gravitational resonance which is attributed to sound. The same as the pull of fluids on the earthís surface by the magnetic attraction of the moon, it is a tide of energy in its perfect pattern of rise and fall, and it relates to a circle divided in 6 in a perfect progression rising or waxing and 6 in a perfect progression of falling or waning.

THE COLORGRAM OR FULL FREQUENCY FORM, REPRESENTS THE BELL CURVE, To Create a perfect Bell Curve we first see the 12 notes of the Main octave  where the voice of a person mostly talks and gives more frequencies,  into 6 notes that are more often spoken and 6 notes that are least mentioned when spoken.

THE SPIRALS are groupings of 4 notes together, 3 on one side 1 on the other side of the 6 + notes and the 6- notes. The Yin spiral are 3+notes that influences 1- note in the other side of the circle, the 3+ are within the 6+ consecutive notes, and the Yang spiral es the 3- notes that is overloading one 1+ note on the other side.
We can see consecutiveness in coherence or an aiming to reach a perfect Bell Curve. The numbers that appear in bold and italic signify the incoherence places to deform the Bell curve. For example if one of the notes is in italic bold of the 3 yin notes, it is an incoherence because it is smaller in number than one outside of those 3 maximum notes, those 3 where chosen because they are the maximum sum that are next to each other. Then we can analyze the way those two sets of four notes relate to each other, (Yin 3+1-, Yang 3-1+), radial is the most coherent to create a perfect round Bell curve. The way these two spirals relate to each other, Radial would be directly in front of the other, sideways will be Inclined or more incoherent Dispersed. It all goes to show how the whole of frequencies create or distort a full geometrical figure with the energy of a perfect wave, o double full Bell Curve.

Please, look at the Coherence examples from the Korg, that are included in the manual that you access from the Start menu Programs when the CD is inserted in the CD drive.



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