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5.-Fifth, we can find 4 notes relating together and forming other two spirals, one Yin and the other Yang, that will compose a further interaction between the 6 more notes and the 6 less notes. A Yang spiral that takes information from the Yin side to the Yang side, 3 notes less and 1 note more, formed in a centripetal concentrating anticlockwise spiral, and the other Yin spiral takes information from the Yang side to the Yin side, 1 note less and 3 notes more, formed in a centrifugal dispersing clockwise spiral. Relating 3 and 1 notes together will bring more understanding in relationship with body functions and organs, due that few times we give a pure note and if we look at the analysis taking place suddenly with one single sound 3 notes are pronounced together. Relating 3 notes versus 1 opposing note, will give a holistic interpretation to the existing research. This is being developed by Marysol Gonzalez Sterling of Biosonic Cranial. The same as the double helix has strands in between carrying information from one side to the other to for the DNA chains, we can look at these spirals as allowing more coherence and organisation or more incoherence and disorganisation to appear.

Looking at the 12 musical notes in a Korg type analysis, we pick out the 3 notes that have the heaviest hits, generally they are together, if not, just pick the ones that have at least 2 notes together in the more, excess side, or less missing side, these 3 notes will pair up with the opposing note of the middle note in the 3, polarity, reciprocal, complementary or inverse note in the wheel of 12 notes . As we see in the 12 notes wheels, F# opposes C, C# to G, D to G#, D# to A, E to A#, F to B. Then pick out the 3 notes closest together that are in the less side and pair it up with the opposing note of the middle note of those 3 notes. Then we have 3 more notes in one side that oppose 1 less note on the other side forming the Yin spiral, and 3 less notes in that side that oppose 1 more note in the other side forming the Yang spiral.

These two spirals can be in several compositions, the radial composition is the most coherent of all, is when the 1 note of both spirals are polar opposite to one another. The inclined composition spreads the 3 notes to more unevenness, not clumping together the 3 more or less notes, depending on which spiral has more energy. The dispersed spirals open up more on one side and closes in more on the other, making compositions of 4 notes in one or the other side and making even more unevenness, showing more disharmony and incoherence. If we cannot find these 3 styles of composition in spirals in a voice analysis, it falls under such disharmonic distribution that it definitely is even more incoherent. I believe that this could be temporal, but maintaining this type of analysis in a constant basis will show a long period where there was no contact of the self with the healing system, and an illness can set in.


Radial Axis 1 note in each side is compromised, This is the most coherent option, because the most excess coincides opposite the lowest.

Inclined Axis, 2 uneven notes are compromised in + and in -,. This is the most normal and basic option of incoherence. Still having much strength to change to more coherence and regaining health.

Dispersed Axis, 3 notes are compromised in + and in -. This is the normal incoherence, where the inconsistencies are very evident and create a conflict of decision over which note would be more important, several problems and functions of the organism are mixed and compromised.

Dispersed Plus Axis, 4 or 5 notes are compromised, the 3 notes of the spirals are together o even could overlap mixing the 3 notes of the Yin spiral with the 3 notes of the Yang spiral. Represents many more possibilities of more incoherence and inconsistencies, having less capacity to recuperate. This compromises more functions of the organism in difficulties for healing.

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