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MORE DETAILS OF THE NEXT MODULE OF THE BIOSONIC COMPUTER PROGRAM IN PROCESS, for Voice Coherence Analysis. Is a program in preparation to help us determine coherence, and help us find all of these valuable tools of COHERENCE diagnosis. This program will communicate with all other FFT computer programs and systems, being able to develop further its program capabilities and voice analysis.

This computer program to analyse for Coherence and it will be able to relate to any other program that can open and save Wav files. It will help us choose the specific frequency that will help the person most, and that will bring their voice into balance and coherence.

It will have a chromatic screen like the Bats in real time, and FFT in real time. If one wants to use it for real time psychological issues, it should be used first, then we can see the frequencies of a specific word being said. and of course it can also open to analyse any wav. file, but it will be best to use thisprogram first while the person talks and then after send it to Oneness or another program to analyse specific frequencies.

The coherence analysis will help us decide which are the areas of the voice plot we should look for frequencies, so that the voice becomes balanced and coherent. It will only tell the area or note where we need to deliver the frequencies, then saved as a wav file one can open it from Oneness or another program and then decide the exact frequency. If one does the analysis with Oneness and saves it as a wav. file, it will open it to show the coherence and the areas that being deliverd will gain coherence.

The way it will analyse for coherence will be following the premises writen in web pages on COHERENCE. I am including with this email an example of what we can expect a voice to gain in coherence when the right frequency is delivered. 

COHERENCE by Percentages to decide the treatment with sound frequencies. The program will calculate the Coherence percentages according to this research. This will help us decide the frequencies to deliver as treatment in a given note and in a given octave, taking into account that upon delivering a frequency during a specific period that note will gain from a 5% to a 15%, the convenient length of time is yet unknow, perhaps it depends on the absorptive capacity on the individual, as well as the lenght of time, we have to take into account the way the person will hear that frequency, through headphones, subwoofer speakers or neurophone skin listening equipment. This computer program will help us to define the note where to look for the specific personalized frequency, looking up this will be done later with the data base of Oneness computer program, relating the frequencies to given elements, aminoacids, vitamins and minerals. However, the coherence program will help to define the note where they should be sought those frequencies, or the margin between which and which frequency, being referred to as a note where the person can gain more coherence of the whole voice print, upon increasing a minimum percentage in that area .

The total coherence could be very dificil of reaching, understanding by total coherence to have with accuracy an equal proportion of all the notes, we will take a 60% as maximum coherence and a 40% normal coherence, below this will be considered as being separated from coherence into detailed percentages of greater incoherence. Coherence will be calculated in the 9 previously developed definitions and the percentages will be calculated according to the three functions; the total, the octaves and the notes.

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The graphic above is from the Coherence and Sacred Geometry webpage of DAN WINTER, check it out, and learn more on this subject. It is called Angels Trumpets and its an animation gif.


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